Thursday, 3 November 2011

Bermudian creates tourist app for St Lucia | Royalgazett

Tourists can now “Go Explore” St Lucia - with the help of Bermuda.
Bermudian-owned company Ultra Concepts Group has teamed up with Saint Lucia’s Ministry of Tourism to provide the official mobile guide for Saint Lucian visitors called Go Explore Saint Lucia.
UCG is the company behind the Go Explore Bermuda app for iPhones and Android devices to locate the best attractions, restaurants, hotels and beaches around the Island.
It won the Technology Innovation Award for the Best Local Mobile Application at Bermuda’s annual Tech Awards 2011.
UCG sales & development manager Michael Brangman said the Go Explore Saint Lucia is a free mobile phone application that helps tourists navigate around Saint Lucia and is “poised to revolutionise the visitor experience in Saint Lucia”.
He said the company planned on expanding Go Explore to other countries in the Caribbean.
UCG’s Saint Lucia marketing manager Donna Louis said the app will suit today’s “well-connected traveller”.
“By providing the ability to navigate more easily and safely in an unfamiliar environment and to look for services and sites of interest this application has proven its potential by providing value to tourism,” she said.
She added the app can be used “to level the playing field somewhat in that small and medium sized businesses with small budgets can be accessed by tourist just as easily as those companies with big advertising budgets...Most importantly, Go Explore Saint Lucia has created jobs for Saint Lucians and as such provides the total package focusing on both tourism development and increasing employment.”
UCG said another important feature is the generation of statistics.
“Go Explore is able to provide businesses with information such as how many people are using the app, how many have viewed their listing and even their location when accessing the app,” UCG said. “With such a robust application, Go Explore is an excellent way for businesses to target their customers. Businesses are able to tailor their marketing programmes specifically to their target markets ensuring their budgets are well spent.”
UCG is headed by Dr Kyjuan H Brown, and Hilgrove Gordan and has offices in Devonshire and St Lucia.
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