Friday, 9 September 2011

Free Bermuda Travel Application

Go Explore Bermuda- Voted #1 Application in Bermuda

Go Explore Bermuda is your passport to fun and informative GPS video tours! Like a guide book in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Go Explore Bermuda enables you to select and stream or download multiple professional video tours. After you download this free application, you will have access to a variety of different tours. Each tour experience can be streamed or downloaded. The streaming tour format saves hard drive space on your device and avoids the time associated with large downloads, while a downloaded tour can be enjoyed without wifi or 3G connectivity. As you embark on your self-paced tour, you will enjoy the following features:

· Interactive, zoomable GPS maps that indicate your current location and all the included points of interest on the tour (must have connectivity for maps)

· Full color, professional tour videos and audio/image slideshow files that share the history, culture, stories and behind-the-scenes information about what you are seeing (as available)

· Pause, Play, Fast Forward and Rewind through any tour segment easily

· Multiple tour media access points: find desired tour stops from the map or a full tour stop list

· Location-based tour stop triggering: as you explore, a dynamic list of the tour stops nearest your location will continue to refresh

· Tour Stop images will help you orient yourself to your surroundings and find points of interest quickly

· Additional embedded information such as phone numbers, websites, photos, routing to address and text information deliver all the details you need for each tour stop

· Event listings to keep you informed of all the fun events on the horizon

Go Explore Bermuda has an easy to use interface that enables to you quickly download the application and be enjoying the sights within minutes!


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